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Supporter Membership – Annual

We strongly encourage you to visit us to meet the members, see the space and learn more about our organization BEFORE JOINING. Given these trying times, not everyone is comfortable meeting in-person and joining us on Facebook first at least lets you meet the community albeit virtually. In response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, we’ve updated our new member on boarding process as follows.

Join our Facebook Group. You can request an invitation by visiting here.

Attend an open make night and learn about our mission and culture. We will also explain the process to grant access to the space and tools. Most tools require a class prior to use.

1. Start your membership on this page, above.

2. Engage with our community on Facebook and in person so we can help you find the resources you need for your projects and interests.

3. Attend classes for the tools you wish to use.

4. Our organization is completely run by volunteers. Give back to the community.

5. Completing this is key to successfully joining. As a completely volunteer run organization, we want to be sure new members have some understanding about the organization. It’s not just a bunch of tools in a workshop.

Once you setup your membership account, new members will also complete the following steps:

1) Wait for and read the welcome email.
2) Watch an orientation presentation.
3) Complete a brief quiz to ensure they understood the presentation.
4) Conduct a security walk-through with one of our board members.
5) Receive an access badge which will be activated within 24 hours of receipt.